About Us


Voodooknight Celebrity Car Hire is company with a difference...


We supply celebrity cars such as, Knight Rider's KITT, to the media industry for television, magazines, pop videos, publicity and even radio... And is now available for private hire, subject to terms and conditions.


We can cater for your needs, and are very adaptable, we will go to extra lengths to make sure that you get what you need.

We are experienced in front of the camera and offer services such as interviews and presenting work.


We are a passion driven company and take pride in our work and over the last 3 years our client list has grown to include many celebrity's including David Hasselhoff and Glen A Larson and many large companies such as Norwich Union, Sky TV, and Virgin amongst others and on various TV productions and magazines from around the world.

Not to forget the private individuals whom have had there dreams fulfilled.


In short we will strive to deliver a unique experience with the up most professionalism, with a little pizzazz if required.


For Hire

Knight Rider

The Ultimate 80’s Icon as seen on tv this car has be featured by the press and television world and is one not to be missed if you would like to turn up in style to whatever event this is the one for you.

A-Team Van

New for the end of 2005 another cult classic of a van this van can carry up to 6 people and will produce a high profile entry to what ever event you chose it for