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May I just say how superb you were on the day vinny, as you saw we had
the desired results, she was truly taken aback, I have been meaning to write you a short thankyou note but haven't seem to find the time ( how pathetic does that sound !! ) . But you were a true star on the day and we all muched appriecated that, hope me mum didn't bend your ear to much in the car !!


Thanks again for a super and professional job.



Hello Vinny,

I just wanted to tell you how thrilled Nikola and I was at you and KITT being part of our special day. You were so kind and respectful that people thought you were my brother or cousin. I just said you were a very good friend. The KITT expeience was amazing from the beginning to the end. It was a shame to see you both leave. Oh well, perhaps I'll call you for another event eh? It's my 30th in June so I'm sure we'll hook up then!?

Once again thank you for your patience and assistance on Friday, Nikola and I were very impressed. Talk soon- it was a pleasure to meet you, oh and give my love to the person that started it all off- Mr David H when you talk to him next.

Kindest regards,


Hello Chris,

I just wanted to say how THRILLED and OVERJOYED  I was when KITT and Vinny arrived at my family home and drove me to our Wedding!!! Chris- I will have to definitely call you to hire KITT again purely because the whole experience was amazing! Vinny was the most relaxed and helpful driver/chauffer I have ever met. He got on with everyone so well that I was honoured that he and KITT were able to be part of the special day. Plus- I hadn't told most of my friends that I was arriving in KITT but you should have seen their faces when I arrived. The weather was ecxcellent.  KITT talked and his red beam was flashing and everyone was gobsmacked....oh yes- and my new wife loved KITT too!


All I can say is thank you for the perfect day.

Kindest regards,

Hello Vinny! Hope you’re well. You’re a good en my friends will be so jealous- never mind the hoff I’ve set in KITT!!

It was nice to meet you too and thank you for being so accommodating.

Be in touch soon 

Cal x


Caroline Hacking

Entertainment Reporter


Dear Vinny                                                      
Thanks for the pics! KITT car is in today! 

Sharon Marshall.
The Sun

Hi Vinny,

You very kindly took photo's of me and your wonderful car and even let me sit in it, which was such a buzz!

It really made my year seeing KITT for real. There are an awful lot of jealous people who have seen the pictures and wish it was them! See. it's not just me who never grew up!

Anyway, I just wanted to really thank you so much, the whole experience was fantastic and thanks to you, one of my childhood dreams came true!

Maybe I'll meet you and KITT again one day.

Take care and a million thank you's,


Really do hope you don't mind me writing to you. Honestly, I still get excited when I think I actually got to see KITT!! I'm sure I shouldn't say this but it was much more exciting than meeting David Hasslehoff! I kind of think of it as KITT as the main feature and Mr Hoff as a bonus extra! Oh dear, does that make me sound bad? Oh well, who cares, it's true!! Hee hee!!!!!Take Care

Hi Vinny,

I wanted to send you an e-mail to say hi. I chatted to you for ages at the Collectormania event.

Basically I wanted to say a big thank you to made that day totally memorable!!!  I've always been a huge KR fan and my dream is one day to own a replica (probably just exterior though)

Up until now I have only ever seen photos/footage of replicas and so to walk into Collectormania and see KITT standing there and to see you stood beside it.....!!!  Your KITT is so damn amazing and just to be able to see it with my own eyes was fantastic but when you let me sit inside it.....I felt all my Christmas' had come at once!!!  I never thought I'd get the chance to sit in a KITT.......thank you so much for making it happen.

here's some pics by the way - (lmk if you want me to send you larger copies of the photos)

It was a shame you had to dash off, as I would have loved to chat to you for longer (probably all day! lol).

In the afternoon, I brought my Ghostbusters proton pack in (for the Ernie Hudson signing), along with some friends and thought it would be great to get a photo of us in front of KITT.....(see below). Again, if you would like a larger version of the photo, lmk)

So to finish.............................thank you so, so much for making that trip to MK so special!!

I really hope to see you again soon and chat about KR etc.

Vinny, you're an inspiration!

Speak soon,

Chris Lee

Dear Vinny,

It was a pleasure to see you again.  I had such a great time at the show.  Everyone was so very nice, and it is always great to
meet fans.  If you were to get hold to an Ecto-1, that would be very cool. 
I would love to see the photo that you have.  Please feel free to contact me
at any time.


Best wishes to you and to your continued success,

Ernie Hudson  (Ghostbusters)

We were more than happy with your service and patience throughout.

Many thanks

Pacific 7 Productions


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